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WALTOP® Corp., founded in 2004, primary investors are UMC group and Intel Capital. Waltop became USI Board Director since Mar. in 2015. USI is a global standardization organization to define the specifications for Stylus and Touch Controllers to provide a universal and consistent writing experiences among all touch-enabled devices. Waltop’s main product lines are Active Capacitive Stlyus and Bluetooth Stylus solutions. In addition, SDKs for Application Programming for Android and Windows operating systems are provided as well. Waltop® is customer and quality oriented to guarantee reliable product and service. Waltop® is certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards. Waltop® focuses on developing pen-input devices utilizing up-to-date capacitive touch technology. In response to personal mobile devices pen-input demand, Waltop® develops capacitive touch based Stylus solutions aim for slimmer, lower cost, low power consumption, smoother handwriting experiences, and specifically – USI-compliant. Waltop Active Capacitive Stlyus solutions are suitable for all types of touch-enabled devices, offering added value for customers to differentiate products from competitors not only with Waltop HW components but also SW applications.

Waltop MCPs are qualified across a wide range of mobile handset platforms. Waltop MCPs provide exceptional performance and quality, and sell into many top-tier mobile phone manufacturers today.

Waltop launched brand-named NAND flash and SSD application products in 2008, as well as ODM and OEM services including SSD, Waltop Cards and USB Flash devices. In targeting growth in computers, DSC, and mobile phones applications with NAND Flash solutions,Waltop has expanded its sales and support into Europe, America, Japan, Korea, China and several developing countries.

Waltop is dedicated to innovating MCP and SiP memory solutions to fulfill the diverse market requirements for packaged memory solutions. Waltop is committed to innovation, quality, service and supply through collaborating closely with back-end partners, and will continue to expand its product offerings by delivering a full range of high-quality memory solutions worldwide.

In 2016, Waltop was successfully granted the license of Stylus Protocols from Microsoft and became an official Microsoft licensee.

Waltop Active Stylus solutions definitely passed the Window 10 HLK testing required for Stylus with higher performance indices, for example, higher hovering height (averaged 18mm), less latency (averaged 25ms, …), and better linearity (refer to Fig.1). In addition, lighter inking activation force (averaged 8gw, refer to Fig.2) is performed and customization can be achieved based on clients’ specific requirements and demands with adding several features, such as tailor-made pressure characteristics, Bluetooth communications, Tilt information, Presentation Pointer, various choices about power sources (AAAA Battery, Rechargeable Battery, Super Capacitor), various dimeter designs (from 5mm slim design…), selections of Pen-Tip materials with different stiffness, and standard/professional ID designs, etc. This full capability for customization can provide differentiations for our clients’ products. Beyond that, Waltop commits our customers with comprehensive technical supports and marketing services as well.

Better performance, more flexibility in product design, and timely support and service let Waltop’s customers be satisfied. Besides, scalable manufacturing capacity and quality guaranteed production process make Waltop’s customer even happier.

WALTOP International Corp